Chart from "My Murder Chart"

  Murder of Gordon Sprague Murder of Ben Sutherland Murder of Jake Williamson Murder of Helene Haverill
Gordon Sprague Found dead during party at Sutherland’s quarters. Poisoned dart in shoulder, probably from Sutherland’s own collection, to which every one at party had access. All other characters under suspicion.      
Ben Sutherland Hated Sprague because the latter had virtually caused the death of Ben's sister. Had once been Sprague's commanding officer and greatly resented serving under him. Had collection of poisoned darts and knew how to use them Found dead in study, dart in arm at 4 a. m. of same night. First appears to have committed suicide. Later found to have been murdered. All other characfters under suspicion.    
Jake Wiliamson Sprague has ordered courtmartial which would ruin Jake.  Plainly knows something of Ben's murder which he will not reveal. Evasive when trying to account for whereabouts at time of murder. Murdered in bed at 3 a. m. following morning by dart shot through window screen from blowgun. Screamed once and aroused ward-room. Heavy rain at time, high wind, noisy. Murdered because he knew too much about previous crimes.  
Helene Haverill Has had affair with Sprague which she was determined to keep from husband at any price. Sprague was trying to blackmail her. Had been wandering around base at time of murder and gives unsatisfactory explanation. Wet raincoat and rubbers found in her house -- she denies ownership of these, but may be lying. Was sleeping with Lynne at the time, as latter was frightened and did not want to be left alone. May be protecting Lynne. Found dead in shrubbery with poisoned dart in shoulder. Died about 6 p. m. following day. Found two hours later. No motive for her murder except that she knew too much -- or she was herself guilty of previous murders.
Bruce Haverill Resented Sprague's attentions to Lynne and may have feared for his sister's virtue. Lies when he says that Helene was home asleep when summoned by telephone for quizzing. Seems amazed when wet coat and rubbers re found in his house, but may be acting. Has no alibi, as he was sleeping alone.  Was insanely jealous of his wife and extremely proud of family honor. Might have killed Helene for two reasons: Because he himself had killed Sprague through Jealousy, or because he learned Helene had killed Sprague, and so killed his wife to save his family the disgrace of the discovery of her crime.
Lynne Haverill Might have compromised herself with Sprague and had to kill him to protect her reputation. Also lies about Helene's being home and asleep when Ben was killed. She was herself wandering around base in the dark during that time. Lynne denies ownership of wet raincoat, but Marie Tompkins swears it belongs to her. No definite motive, but had the opportunity.
Ann Hated Sprague because of his overbearing attitude toward her. Though it was before dawn, she was up and dressed when Eve made the discovery of murder. Testifies that she heard a woman's voice in study, though she may be lying. Could easily have left house, killed Jake and returned without getting seen, due to darkness and storm. Is taciturn under questioning and will not discuss murder Could have followed Helene when she left the Sutherland house to go home to dinner.
Eve Sutherland Disliked Sprague. Knew he was getting under husband's skin. May have killed him to prevent an open breach which would have been disasterous to Ben. Also was familiar with Ben's collection of darts. Ben carried large insurance, but it is brought out that Eve is wealthy in her own right and would hardly kill husband for insurance. Denies hearing woman's voice in study, though she may be lying. Might have killed Jake to keep him from telling whatever it was that Jake was concealing. Could have obtained blow-gun from Ben's collection. Might have followed when Marie and Helene fought in secret after the two girls separated.
Tommy Tompkins Might have killed Sprague to avert threatened courtmartial. Though he claims he was asleep when he received call that Ben was murdered, he arrives at Sutherland's quarters completely dressed and in incredibly short time. Ws insanely jealous of Marie. Might have learned of ffair between Jake and Marie, or might have killed Jake because latter knew too much about murders of Ben and Sprague. May be protecting Marie, who he "knows" killed others, or may be implicated with her in series of murders. Testimony not convincing under examination by Bremer. 
Marie Tompkins Same motive as husband, but stronger because she is a stronger character. Same as husband. Was having an affair with Jake. It might have been she whom Jake was shielding when he refused to talk. In which case, she killed him when he told her what he knew. Her footprint found on porch of Sprague's quarters.  Helene had found package containing dope which Marie had tried to smuggle out. Bremer later finds several darts in Marie's dressing table -- she claims they were planted there. He also finds proof that she had been in Sprague's Quarters.
Doc Sessions Jealous of Sprague's attentions to Lynne, on whom he had a crush. A hard, enigmatic sort of person, sort of a man of mystery. Familiar with poisons. Was not in room when called about murder. Finally located at sick bay, where he says he was performing an autopsy on Sprague-at 4 a.m. Claims to have been in room when Jake screamed, but came into hall fully dressed and with wet coat. Later admits he knew who was talking in Ben's study just before Ben was killed.  Had opportunity. Is very mysterious about the whole affair. Gave Helene key to Sprague's quarters.
Sam Bremer Jealous of Sprague's attentions to Lynne.   Was asleep when he heard Jake's cry, but only his word as to this. Had opportunity to slip out, as he was in command of base and could go and come as he chose, while others were confined to quarters.